Baker, Jim

Baker, Jim        1916 December 8th

Knocked Down by a Motor Van in Fisherton Street

The City Coroner (Mr S Buchanan Smith) held an inquest at the Infirmary on Tuesday evening, concerning the death of Jim Baker, the five-year-old son of an engine driver of the same name, living at 6, East Street, Fisherton.

Ada Baker, the mother, said that when she returned home from shopping on Monday afternoon, she was informed that her boy had been taken to the Infirmary, having met with an accident. She went there and remained with him till he died. He told her a man with a motor-car knocked him down. His father had given him a penny to get some oranges, and it was while going to do so that he was knocked down.

Alfred William Evans, of Messrs Edward and Co., of Winchester Street, said he was driving a motor van down Fisherton Street on Monday evening, on his proper side of the road, at a speed of not more than six miles an hour. Near Summerlock Bridge he saw a boy three or four yards ahead of the car, apparently about to cross the road. He applied both brakes and cut the engine off, but the near front wheel knocked the child down. He had no time to sound the hooter, but he shouted and applied his brakes at once. It was impossible to avoid the accident. The boy was lifted into the car and he took him to the Infirmary, where he said, “I’m all right, Mamma.” He had been driving fourteen months, and had never had an accident.

Alfred Pickett, a lad living at 107 Gigant Street, who was in the car, corroborated.

William Holland, outside porter of the GWR Station, living at 3, Chapel Place, Fisherton, said that when he was near Mr Lywood’s shop in Fisherton Street, he saw what happened and said it was the purest accident. He helped to get the child from under the car.

Miss Anna Katherine Alton, acting house surgeon at the Infirmary, said the child was admitted at about 5.50 on Monday, and died at 3.15 the following morning.

The cause of death was cardiac failure, due to internal hemorrhage.

A verdict of “accidental death” was returned, and the driver was exonerated from blame.


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