Smith, Winifred

Smith, Winifred             1915 November 26th

An inquest was held by the City Coroner (Mr S Buchanan Smith) yesterday (Thursday) at the Council Chamber, concerning the death of an infant. Mr F Lakeman was appointed foreman of the jury.

Thomas George Smith, general dealer, of 24, Rollestone Street, said that his child, Winifred Annie Smith, was born on May 4th last, and had been very delicate but not ill. She slept with her parents in the same bed. On Wednesday she was put to bed at about 10.30pm, and was apparently all right till the next morning when she woke at 5 o’clock. She was given a “comforter” and went to sleep again. When witness woke at about 6.50 he found that she was dead, and at once sent for a doctor. She used to lie by her mother’s side.

Dr William Gordon said the baby was under his care for the first two or three months of its life, because it did not thrive. It was now well nourished and was teething. There were two children in the house with measles, and, from the appearance of the child and her parent’s story, he concluded that death was caused by convulsions brought on either by teething or by the onset of measles, most probably measles. The child had a little cough. There was nothing to suggest that she had been laid upon, though the appearance of the body would be the same whether death was caused by convulsions or suffocation.

A verdict of death from natural causes was returned.


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