Devonport, Henry

Devonport, Henry           1914 Jul 10th

Inquest at the Asylum

An inquest was held by the City Coroner on Monday, at Fisherton House Asylum, concerning the sudden death of an inmate. Mr W T Waite was chosen foreman of the jury.

Walter Charles Shergold, an attendant at Fisherton House Asylum, said that Henry Devonport was admitted on August 20th, 1912, from the Banstead Asylum. He was a single man, a sailor, 28 years of age. At about 10.15 on Sunday morning he was in the court of Ward No 1 when a patient told him that he saw Devonport fall down. He assisted him to a seat in the summer house, and in a few minutes he appeared to be alright. However, at about noon, he was breathing heavily and was unconscious. Dr Westrup was called and the man was removed to the infirmary ward.

Joseph Perceval Westrup, senior assistant medical officer at the Asylum, stated that at 9.45 on Sunday morning Devonport appeared in his usual good health. At about 12.10 he saw him lying on a seat in the summer house, as related by the last witness. He gradually got worse and died at 4.20. There were no marks of violence on the body. In his opinion the cause of death was apoplexy.

A verdict of “Death from natural causes” was returned.


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