Mills, Albert

Mills, Albert          1905 Jul 28th


Mr R A Wilson, Coroner for South Wilts, held an inquest on Friday evening at Mr J D Goulding’s residence, Parsonage Farm, on the body of Albert Mills, a farm labourer, who died suddenly, early on Sunday morning.

Mary Jane Mills stated that the deceased was her husband, and was fifty years of age. He complained a few weeks ago of pains in the region of his heart, but did not consult a doctor. He had never been attended by a medical man since their marriage. She last saw him alive on Thursday morning when he went to work.

James Dennis Goulding said the deceased had been in his employment for several years. On Thursday morning he came to him in the dairy for orders. He asked deceased to attend to the churning while he went indoors. On his return after an interval of about five minutes, the deceased was suddenly taken ill, and in a few moments staggered, and fell dead at his feet.

Dr Ward deposed to having examined the body after death. He considered that the deceased died from heart disease.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony, and desired, through their foreman, Mr G Taylor, to express their deep sympathy with the widow and family of deceased. They also presented their fees to Mrs Mills, and Mr J D Goulding handed over his allowance for the use of the room, as a contribution to the funeral expenses.


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