Johnson, Sampson

Johnson, Sampson    1898 September 9th West Harnham

Another Child Drowned

The district coroner (Mr R A Wilson) held an inquest on Tuesday, on the body of Sampson Johnson, the son of Robert Johnson, of West Harnham, aged eight years, who was found on the same morning in the river Nadder, near the Bone Mill, at West Harnham.

The first witness was Robert Johnson, father of the deceased, who said the deceased was his son, and was eight years old last month. He came back from school on Monday afternoon about four o’clock, and his sister saw him at home. He was missed in the evening and they searched for him all night. He was found that morning about half-past 7 by witness’s son, in the river Nadder near the Bone Mill. He was seen at the bottom of the river in about six feet of water. He was dressed just as he came from school. There were no marks of violence on the body.

Andrew Strugnell, a gardener, of West Harnham, said that on Monday evening, between seven and eight o’clock, whilst in his garden, he saw deceased leaning over the water by the hatches on the opposite side to him. There was another little boy with him whom he did not recognise. He was working in his garden, and did not notice him again. He noticed that he moved away from the water.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


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