Wallen, Hugh

Wallen, Hugh            1889 February 9th            Whitsbury

Distressing Case at Whitsbury

A Little Boy Drowned in a Deep Well

On Wednesday Mr M Wilson, Deputy Coroner, held an inquest at Whitsbury, touching the death of Hugh Wallen, aged 7, son of George Wallen, a labourer.

Charles Hooper, a boy aged 10, son of Thomas Hooper, a shepherd, said that on the 4th inst., he and the deceased went to Scotland Farm to see the lambs and they were playing about the farm. The deceased went into the well house. Witness told him to come out. He had the lid of the well half-open. Deceased came out and then went in again. Witness then heard the well lid go down and the deceased cry out. He went to the well house and found the well lid down and heard the deceased splash down the well. Witness ran directly for his father, who was at work close by.

Thomas Hooper, father of the last witness, said that he went to the well house and found the well lid down. He opened it and heard the deceased cry. He let down the rope and hallooed to the boy to catch hold of it, but the lad said, “I can’t.” Witness then let down the bucket and kept on calling to him to catch hold, but he did not. The carter was also helping witness. The well was about 90 feet before one got to the water and it contained about 30 feet of water. The well rope was not strong enough to bear a man, and a man was sent off at once to Whitsbury for a strong rope. Witness heard the deceased crying out for from ten to fifteen minutes. After that he was silent, and as others were coming with the rope witness went away. When he came back the body had been taken from the well with the aid of grappling irons.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned, with a statement by the jury that no blame was attached to anyone.


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