Loder, John

Loder, John                1889 January 26th

Mr George Smith, the city coroner, held an inquiry at the Devizes Road Hotel on Saturday afternoon touching the death of John Loder, who died suddenly on the morning of the same day.

Mr E C Williams was chosen foreman of the jury.

Frederick Fawson Lee, medical practitioner, was the first witness. He stated that he was called to see the deceased soon after ten o’clock. Deceased was dead when witness arrived. The body was lying upon the back upon the bed, and the lower extremities were hanging over the edge of the bed, the feet resting on the floor. The body was quite warm. There was a stocking upon the right leg. The left leg was bare. The deceased appeared to have been in the act of getting up, and witness was told that such was the case. He believed that he was sitting on the edge of the bed in the act of dressing and fell backwards. He was of opinion that he had been dead a very short time when witness arrived. Last April witness attended him for a small surgical operation. That had nothing whatever to do with the cause of death. Deceased’s lower extremities appeared to be dropsical and witness had no doubt that death resulted from syncope or sudden stoppage of the heart’s action.

Sophia Fowler said that she lived at 16, Devizes Road. The deceased was her father and lived with her a year and nine months. He was 82 years of age, the fourth of this month. He was a farm labourer as long as he could do the work. Since he had been with witness he had had no illness apart from what Dr Lee had attended him for. For the last ten years he had had to undergo operations at times. The last time was when Dr Lee attended him. On Friday deceased had his supper about nine o’clock and then appeared quite well. On Saturday morning witness went into his room at half-past eight but he seemed to be in a sweet sleep and she did not speak to him. She was quite sure he was not dead then. He was on his pillow. About half-past nine she went up again and he was then in the position in which the jury saw him. She thought he was dead at that time. She at once sent one of her children for Dr Lee, who came shortly afterwards.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.


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