Woods, William

Woods, William           1888 December 8th            Donhead St Andrew

Mr R A Wilson (County Coroner) held an inquest at Donhead St Andrew, on Monday, touching the death of William Woods, aged 48, which was the result of an accident in a quarry at that place on Saturday.

John Woods said the deceased was his father, and was 48 years of age. On Saturday afternoon last, at about four o’clock, deceased was at work in the quarry with a pickaxe, digging out a stone. Witness was by his side, not doing anything, when he saw a great stone, that must have weighed more than two tons, fall, striking the deceased. The stone broke as it fell, and part of it rolled off deceased. There was another part of the stone on the foot of his father, and this witness removed. Deceased then told him to run and get assistance, which he did, and eventually deceased was taken home. Deceased was accustomed to work in the quarry, and he had got up a good deal of stone. A doctor came to see the deceased, who, however, died at half-past seven o’clock, the same evening.

George Philip Longman, surgeon, of Donhead St Andrew, said he was called to see the deceased on Saturday evening, at about four o’clock, and he was at that time lying on a sofa. Deceased had a compound fracture of the arm, which was almost broken, and he had a fracture of the skull. He was sensible up to the time of his death, which resulted from collapse from the injuries he had received.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.


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