Unknown, infant

Unknown infant           1888 September 1st           Corsham

Found Dead in a Wood

On Friday evening, Mr Richard Balch, town coroner, held an inquest at the Police Station on the body of an infant, found dead in a wood, near Rudloe Firs, on Friday morning. Mr Sidney Aust was chosen foreman of the jury.

Thomas Dowdle, gamekeeper to Mrs Dickson, Hartham Park, was the first witness. He said he discovered the child at a quarter to ten that morning in the wood adjoining the park gates. It was wrapped in brown paper and some linen, and had evidently been dropped over the wall. He then sent for the police.

Mr Crisp, MRCS, said he found the parcel partly open, and on examination, noticed a bruise near the left eye. The child had evidently been born within 24 hours. The body was that of a full grown male child, and healthy in every respect, weighing 7½ lbs. It had received no attention at birth, the umbilical cord being cut close to the body, and the child being left to bleed to death.

The jury returned a verdict of “Found dead,” and the police are investigating the matter.


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