Pretty, William

Pretty, William         1888 April 21st         Stratford-sub-Castle

On Tuesday an inquest was held before Mr R A Wilson at the public house at Stratford-sub-Castle touching the death of William George Pretty, aged 5 years, son of William Pretty, a shepherd in the employ of Mr Young. Mr George Yates was appointed foreman of the jury.

The father of the deceased stated that he last saw his son about twelve o’clock on Monday, outside the school. He went down to the meadow to meet witness, which he often did. There were hurdles near the bridge and deceased must have got round the end and have fallen in the water.

John Orchard said he saw the deceased a little before five on Monday evening. The little fellow asked where his father was. Witness went away and when he came back deceased was gone.

PC Thomas Halliday stated that he received information that the child was missing. He searched the river with others and about six o’clock on Tuesday morning saw the body in the stream about 150 yards from the bridge.

A verdict of “Found drowned” was returned.


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