Hudd, Edward

Hudd, Edward        1888 October 13th            Corsham

On Saturday morning a man named Edward Hudd was discovered by some of his fellow labourers lying with his throat cut in an old pit, about 8 feet in depth, situated in the quarry known as No 6 or Spring Quarry. Dr Crisp promptly attended, but found Hudd quite dead, and the nature of the wound and other circumstances left little doubt that the deceased had committed suicide. The body was conveyed on a litter to the Station Hotel, awaiting the inquest, which was held in the evening by Mr Richard Balch, the town coroner.

Henry Sawyer, quarryman, the first witness, said he was working No 6 quarry on Saturday morning, and about seven o’clock he missed deceased from the crane. After some searching deceased was found in an old disused part of the quarry, lying dead with a wound in his throat, and an open knife close to his side. Witness had no conversation with him that morning, but had observed nothing strange in his manner.

James Cousins, quarryman, gave corroborative evidence.

Benjamin Davis, quarryman, said he was working at the same crane as deceased on Saturday morning, and about seven o’clock, after being there for an hour, deceased left the crane, saying he was going for some water. He was a long time gone, and witness going out, found the water in a pail in the road, a long way from the place where the body was found.

Several other witnesses were examined, after which the jury, after a short consultation, returned a verdict of “Suicide while in an unsound state of mind.”


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