Haines, Ann

Haines, Ann        1888 March 10th

Died While in the Act of Preparing Dinner

On Tuesday morning an inquiry was held by the City Coroner (Mr George Smith) at the New Inn, St Ann’s Street, on the body of Ann Haines, who fell down dead whilst in the act of preparing dinner on Monday. Mr J V Armitage was appointed foreman of the jury.

Mary Ann Stanley said she had been living with Mrs Haines and was 13 years of age. She saw her on Monday morning about one o’clock when she was getting the dinner. She was taken ill when taking the table cloth from the drawer. She had not eaten any meat. She said “Oh,” and Mr Haines who was sitting by the fire put her into a chair. Mr Haines sent for a doctor at once. Deceased was 65 on the 5th of Nov.

Isaac James Haines, husband of deceased, said he lived at No 1, St Martin’s Church Street, and was porter at the SWR goods station. When he came home to dinner his wife was taken suddenly ill. He sent for the doctor, but before the latter arrived she was dead. She complained of pains in the chest and heart.

A verdict of death from “heart disease” was returned. The jurors gave their fees to the bereaved husband.


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