Yates, William

Yates, William         1887 January 29th

On Monday afternoon an inquest was held at the Council House, before Mr W C Powning, Deputy Coroner, touching the death of Wm. Chas. Yates, an infant. Mr James Coombs was foreman of the jury.

Louisa Rose Yates, wife of Joseph Yates, a wheelwright, living at No. 11, Penny Farthing Street, said that the deceased was her child. His age was a year and 11 months. He was quite well on Saturday, but had a cough and cold on Sunday. The deceased slept with witness and her husband on Sunday night and did not disturb them during the night. When she was dressing him that (Monday) morning his cough and cold were worse than on Sunday night. She nursed him for about half an hour after she got down stairs (about eight o’clock). He then changed, and she saw that he was dying. She sent for her sister-in-law, Mrs Yates, who came at once and took the child from her. The child died in the arms of witness’s sister-in-law. Whilst he was in witness’s arms he clenched his fist just before he died, as though in a fit. He had been delicate from his birth.

H. P. Blackmore, medical practitioner, said that he was called by the husband of the last witness at, he should think, about quarter past eight, to go to his house. He went, and found the child dead but warm. There was no contraction of the pupils of the eyes to denote convulsions, but the thumbs were turned in towards the palms of the hand. The child was very backward with its teeth, there being only two out, and from the history of the case given by the last witness death probably arose from convulsions, induced by the teething. He examined the body, which was well nourished, and bore no marks of violence. When death occurred from spasms in the throat and teething it was generally sudden. This kind of convulsions was different from other kinds.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from Natural Causes.”


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