Skull, David

Skull, David        1887 May 14th            Chippenham

On Monday morning a carter named David Skull met with his death under the following circumstances.

It appears that he was sent by his employers, Messrs Collett and Sons, brewers, of Langley Burrell, to the railway station with a wagon-load of goods, the wagon being drawn by three horses. On leaving the station one of the horses was tied behind the wagon, the other two being attended, one by the deceased and the other by his mate, a man named Bowsher.

On arriving near the railway arch at the bottom of the New-road the horses drawing the wagon bolted, and when near the bottom of St. Paul-street the deceased stumbled, and the wheels of the wagon passed over him. He was picked up and taken to the Great Western hotel, where he expired in about two hours after the accident. He leaves a widow and five children.

The inquest was held at the Great Western hotel on Wednesday by Mr Baker (coroner). The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death,’ and handed their fees to the widow.


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