Phillips, Ada

Phillips, Ada        1887 April 9th

On Saturday afternoon an inquest was held at the “White Horse,” Castle Street, before Mr G Smith, touching the death of Ada Phillips, a child two years of age, whose parents live at 6, Ivy Place. Mr J Ricke was foreman of the jury.

Dr Gordon said he was sent for about 20 minutes to six that (Saturday) morning to attend the deceased. The child was dead when he arrived. He was not aware that he had ever attended it. Not having seen it he could certify the cause of death. He had examined it since death. He thought it possible that it was a case of inflammation of lungs following measles.

The mother of deceased said that she had 10 children. The deceased was pretty well when running with the other children on Friday mornig but in the evening seemed “rather heavy on the chest,” and witness applied Linseed meal poultices. Witness did not go to bed but sat up with the child by the fire. The child got worse and died in her arms about half past four. When the doctor came it was dead.


The jury returned a verdict of death from natural causes.


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