James, Anna

James, Anna      1887 September 17th

On Wednesday afternoon an inquest was held at the Fisherton House Asylum before Mr G Smith, city coroner, touching the death of Anna Maria James, a patient, who died the previous day.

Lila Cowdrey, an attendant at the establishment named, said that she remembered the deceased complaining to her on August 8th of having been pushed out of bed by Emma Rider, one of the patients. At the time in question witness was in the room adjoining that in which the deceased was, and could not see what took place in the latter room. Deceased called out and witness went to her. Deceased, who was on the ground, complained of her right leg. She did not herself say that she had been pushed out of bed, but another patient told witness so. The deceased told witness afterwards that Emma Rider got out of bed in order to push her from hers. She had been confined to her bed ever since. She was not confined to her bed previously. Witness sent for Dr Richard Finch, and the latter treated her. The occurrence took place at 23 minutes to 10 in the evening. They went to bed at eight o’clock.

Gertrude Bishop, another attendant, said that the deceased died on Tuesday at 1.30am. She had been suffering from a dislocated hip. She did not complain to witness of anything except pains in the leg. She had been regularly attended by the medical staff of the establishment.

William Armitage Slater, one of the medical officers of the Asylum, said that he attended the deceased, who had dislocation of the right hip. Her age was 72. She was a spinster. In Witness’s opinion dislocation of the hip indirectly caused deceased’s death. The immediate cause of death was old age and weakness.

The Jury (of whom Mr W Wells was foreman), returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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