Hillier, Charlotte

Hillier, Charlotte         1887 April 23rd            Chippenham

An inquest was held at the Workhouse on Tuesday by Mr Coroner Faber, on the body of Charlotte Hillier, aged 52, wife of Stephen Hillier, who died at the Workhouse the previous Sunday, from injuries self-inflicted the previous Friday.

It appears that the deceased, who lived with her husband at Mr Sipprese’s, Minty Farm, went on Friday last to Mrs Morgan’s, on Friday last, at Patterdown, near Chippenham, and whilst there cut her throat with a razor belonging to her husband, and which she had brought with her. She was first discovered by a man named Job Shewring and subsequently by direction of Dr Briscoe taken to the Workhouse, where her wounds were attended to by Mr G D Selson, assistant to Mr Briscoe, but the injuries were of such a character that slight hopes of her recovery were held out, and she died at mid-day on Sunday.

In answer to the jury, the husband of the deceased said they were married in June last, and she was a good wife to him, and they lived happily together, but she was at times in a low state. It appeared, however, from a letter written by the deceased, and found in her basket after she had committed the rash act, that her husband was in debt, and that prayed heavily on her mind.

The jury returned a verdict of suicide whilst in a state of temporary insanity.


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