Gilbert, Louisa

Gilbert, Louisa       1887 January 1st           Winterbourne Stoke

Mr G M Wilson held an inquest at the “Bell” inn, on Monday, touching the death of a girl named Louisa Gilbert, whose parents reside at Winterbourne.

From the evidence it appeared that the girl had been living in the service of Mr Mullins, of Castle Street, Salisbury, for a fortnight, and during that time seemed to suffer from a bad cold. On Dec 23rd Mrs Mullins noticed that the girl was worse. Notwithstanding the fact that she was unwell, the girl determined to go home, which she did, going by carrier.

She arrived home, and at seven o’clock she felt worse, and Dr Eddowes, of Shrewton, was sent for. In consequence of an accident, however, that medical gentleman was unable to attend and about half past ten o’clock the girl died.

The jury returned a verdict to the effect that death was due to inflammation of the lungs.


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