Eyles, William

Eyles, William       1887 November 12th         Trowbridge

On Saturday morning the coroner (Mr F J Sylvester) held an inquest at the Castle inn on the body of William Arthur Eyles, aged 49, manager of Mr H J Deacon’s corn stores, who committed suicide by taking poison.

Miriam Eyles, the widow, said deceased had been low spirited for some time, and his health had not been good. He did not come to his breakfast on Friday morning, but laid longer then usual, as he had been sleepless nights lately, his mind being upset about business and money matters.

Other witnesses were called, including Inspector Priest, who deposed to searching the bedroom in which deceased slept, and to finding portions of the Sporting Times, and pocket-books with bets, and names of racehorses in them.

The medical man, Mr K Sylvester, deposed that certain powders referred to contained strychnine, and the appearance of the body was that of a person poisoned by strychnine.

The Coroner remarked upon the facility there was for persons to obtain poisons. If they were strangers to the chemist the law required them to get a witness, but as the deceased was well known there was no blame on the chemist. He (the coroner) thought the law should be more stringent.

The jury returned a verdict of “Temporary insanity.”


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