Dixon, Nellie

Dixon, Nellie           1887 October 1st            Michelmersh

On Saturday a sad fatal accident occurred near Michelmersh, about four miles from Romsey. It appears that a young woman named Nellie Dixon, a pupil teacher at Michelmerch Board School, was out for a walk at Brook, and when near the river her hat blew into the water, and in attempting to regain possession of it she fell in. The river was of considerable depth at this point, and as there was no one near able to render any assistance, the poor girl was drowned. A gloom was cast over the neighbourhood by the sad event, as the deceased was much respected, and was shortly to leave school for further study at one of the training colleges.

The inquest was held on Monday by Mr Bernard Harfield, when it appeared that deceased, in company with a friend named Emily Hoskins, of Stony Marsh, went for a walk together, going across the meadows in preference to the road. On reaching the bridge leading from the road into the field, deceased’s hat blew off into the river, and after debating what was best to be done, they went down the meadows, hoping to recover the hat. Deceased reached for the hat with her umbrella, and then asked Miss Hoskins to get a stick for help. Whilst she was breaking one off she heard deceased call “Emily! Emily!” and on turning round she saw deceased in the water. Deceased was on her back, with her head above water, and Miss Hoskins tried to reach her with a stick, but could not, and was then told to go to Miss Edward’s house close by. Mr Morgan came at once, and went down the river with a pole, and Miss Hoskins went back for a rope. On returning to the river she was asked by Mr Morgan where deceased was, and on looking farther down they saw her about two foot under water. The pole was not long enough and Mr Morgan dragged deceased out with a weed hook. Although only about five minutes elapsed after deceased fell in to the time she was dragged out, she appeared to be dead, and efforts to revive her were unsuccessful. Deceased was a pupil teacher at the Michelmersh Board School, and was 20 years of age. The spot from whence her body was recovered was about ten yards from where she fell in, the water being about six feet deep.

Dr Frank Askwith Taylor, of Romsey, having given formal evidence of the cause of death, the jury returned a verdict to the effect that deceased was drowned after falling into the water accidentally.


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