Bunsell, William

Bunsell, William           1887 September 24th

An inquiry touching the decease of William Victor Bunsell, a child between three and four months old, who was found dead in bed, was held at the Black Horse, Castle Street, on Friday afternoon before the City Coroner.

Georgina Carolina Bunsell, mother of the deceased, said she was the wife of William Thomas Bunsell, and lived at 172, Castle-street. The deceased was a healthy child and had never been ill. Witness took it to bed with her on Thursday evening, and in the middle of the night it cried and appeared unwell. It went to sleep again, however, and appeared better. About half-past six that (Friday) morning witness awoke and found that the child was quite dead. Her husband was sleeping in the next room, but he went to work at six o’clock. The bed occupied by witness and deceased was a full-sized one. A medical man was set for as soon as possible, and Dr Gordon attended and pronounced the child dead.

By the Foreman : When witness awoke the deceased was lying on its side.

By the Coroner : She did not think it was possible that she could have overlaid the child, as it was not close enough to her.

Dr Gordon said he was called to see the deceased about seven o’clock, and found life quite extinct. Witness had vaccinated the deceased on September 14th. The child did not appear to have been overlaid, and there were no signs to indicate the cause of death. It was possible the child had been seized with a convulsive attack. It had not commenced teething, and the vaccination had not affected it in any way – it was too early.

The jury did not think it was worth while to adjourn the inquest in order that a post mortem examination might be made. They at once returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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