Barnett, Joseph

Barnett, Joseph      1887 October 22nd

An inquest was held at the Wyndham Hotel, London Road, on Saturday afternoon, before Mr G Smith, city coroner, relative to the death of Mr Joseph Barnett, a tailor, who was found dead in bed at his residence, 3, Richmond Terrace, Wyndham Park, on Saturday morning. Mr Joseph Naish was chosen foreman of the jury.

Mr F R P Darke, medical practitioner, residing in Salisbury, said that he was called that (Saturday) morning, a little after four o’clock, to see the deceased. When he arrived at the house deceased was still warm. Witness had attended him on previous occasions, the last time being for bronchitis. He had been told by Mrs Barnett that the deceased had complained of pains on the top of the head; and in his opinion, judging from the information given by Mrs Barnett, death resulted from apoplexy.

Mrs Barnett, widow of the deceased, said she resided at 3, Richmond Terrace, London Road. Her husband was a tailor, and on Friday evening he was in his usual health. He retired to rest at ten o’clock , having previously eaten a supper. He had lately complained to her of pains in the head, especially during the last two or three weeks, but he had had no medical advice on the matter. At about a quarter to four on Saturday morning she was awakened by a strange noise made by her husband, and she immediately got out of bed and procured a light. Her husband did not speak to her, and she thought he was dead. She called her daughter, and then went again to her husband, and found he was dead. She immediately sent for Mr Darke, who shortly afterwards arrived and said her husband was dead. The age of the deceased was 62 years.

A verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was returned.


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