Barnes, Cornelius

Barnes, Cornelius      1887 December 10th        No-Man’s-Land

On Saturday afternoon an inquest was held at the Infirmary before the City Coroner (Mr G Smith) touching the death of Cornelius Barnes, of No-Man’s-Land, who succumbed on Friday to injuries received through falling from a van. Mr T Scamell was chosen foreman of the jury.

William Winter was the first witness. He said he resided at Bramshaw, and was in the employ of Richard Domoney, as a baker. Deceased worked for Mrs Heathcott Penn, as a gardener. Witness saw deceased last on Thursday, Nov. 24th, the night on which the accident happened. Witness was then in charge of a van near Landford Common. Barnes was in company with him and another man named Joshua Graer and they were all riding together. Barnes went to jump out and fell and the wheel went over him. They stopped the van to search for Barnes, who came up to the side of the vehicle and said he was not much hurt, only a little pain across the stomach. After the accident Barnes walked home and they went on with he cart.

By the foreman : Barnes was near his home at the time.

By a juror : Witness thought it was nearly ten o’clock at night. They had no lamps. Dr Whiteley attended deceased before he came to the Infirmary.

By another juror : Barnes came with him for a ride because he had nothing to do.

Joshua Graer, who lives at Hamptworth, said he worked for his grandfather, John Graer, who was a shoemaker. He was riding in a bread cart on Thursday, the 24th ult., with the last witness for company. He was driving at the time the accident occurred. It happened near Landford Common, not far from where deceased lived. Barnes jumped out of the cart when it was going at a rate of nine miles an hour, and fell down. He did not see the wheel strike him nor experience any extraordinary jolting such as would have been felt had the wheel gone over a body, but he heard deceased “halloa” and immediately stopped the van and went in search of Barnes. Barnes did not complain of being hurt much, only of a pain in the stomach.

By a juror : They had nothing in the cart save a few baskets. He did not know what width the van was, but it was a four wheeled vehicle.

Levi Stephenson Luckham, house surgeon at the Infirmary, said he admitted deceased into the institution on the previous Monday evening. He was then suffering from internal injuries, from the effects of which he died on Friday morning.

By the foreman : If he had not exerted himself he might not have died.

By a juror : The wheel passed upwards.

Charles Hood, deceased’s uncle, who is a wheelwright, living at Hamptworth, stated the age of deceased to 26 years. When deceased, who resided with him, came home and went to bed, witness examined him and found a scratch upon his thigh and a little blood upon his shirt. Deceased went to work the next day, but came home again not able to pursue his labors. They sent for Dr Whiteley and he treated him, but did not come again till Monday afternoon, and then only when sent for. When he arrived in the afternoon he said he could not do anything for him and advised him to come into the Infirmary, which he did.

The Coroner was of opinion that the boys were driving at a pace they ought not to be at that time of night and without lamps.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”


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