Alsford, Ann

Alsford, Ann       1887 December 10th

On Tuesday afternoon an inquest was held before the city coroner (Mr G Smith) at the White Horse Inn, Castle Street, touching the death of Ann Alsford, aged 69, of Ivy Place, Castle Street, who a few days since fell into the fire and received such injuries that death resulted on Monday evening. Mr G West was appointed foreman of the jury.

James Henry Gordon, medical practitioner, of this city, stated that he was called to see the deceased between two and three o’clock on Saturday afternoon. He had attended her before for slight paralysis, but her disease did not incapacitate her from moving about the house. When he saw her on Saturday she was suffering from burns; her wrist was burnt, her hand swollen, and her thigh had a deep burn. Her clothes were burnt right through to the skin. In his opinion death resulted from the shock following the burns. She died on Monday evening about six o’clock.

Charlotte Weeks, a neighbour of the deceased, said her husband was a maltster in the employ of Mr C Williams. On Saturday she entered the house of the deceased and found the latter lying over the back of a chair. She told her she had fallen, but she did not know how. She appeared to have been burnt. She did not show her the burns. Witness sent for Dr Gordon and other assistance. Deceased was in her 70th year.

By a juror : Her clothes were not burning. There was very little fire in the grate.

By another juror : She had not been left alone long – from a quarter past twelve to half past two. If she had screamed witness would have heard her.

A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned.


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