Wright, Cecilia ; Phillips, Frank ; Hobley, Sarah

Wright, Cecilia ; Phillips, Frank ; Hobley, Sarah

1886 September 11th                Devizes

Extraordinary Fatalities

Three inquests of an extraordinary character have been held at Devizes.

In the first case an aged woman, named Cecilia Wright, aged 83, was suffocated by an escape of gas from the meter.

In the second case a lad named Frank Phillips, of Marston, near Devizes, was bird scaring with a gun, and was afterwards found dead in the field, with his jaw bone carried away and the large blood vessels of the neck exposed.

Verdict of accidental death were returned.

In the third case an inmate of the Wilts County Asylum, named Sarah Ann Hobley, wife of a telegraph engineer residing at Swindon, was out with the other patients watching a cricket match on the recreation ground at the asylum, Devizes, when she picked up some fungi under a tree and ate it. Shortly afterwards symptoms of irritant poisoning were observed, and, despite the best medical assistance, she never recovered. The verdict was “Death from misadventure, from eating poisonous fungi.”


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