Townsend, Frederick ; Elkins, Amelia ; Smith, Ann ; Vickers, James

Townsend, Frederick 1886 January 16th Trowbridge

Elkins, Amelia 1886 January 16th Trowbridge

Smith, Ann 1886 January 16th Upper Studley

Vickers, James 1886 January 16th Holt

On Tuesday Mr Coroner F T Sylvester held inquests in this neighbourhood.

The first was at the New George inn, Conigre, on the body of Frederick James Townsend, aged seven months, who was found dead in bed. The mother left the child in bed at six o’clock in the morning and went to work, depending on her sister to look after it. The girl went up and looked at it and saw it was all right, but when the mother returned to breakfast at nine it was dead. The jury returned a verdict of “Death from accidental suffocation.”

The next was at the Bear inn, on the body of Amelia Louise Elkins, aged nine months. The mother said that three weeks ago the kettle fell off the fire and the boiling water went over the child, and it died from the effects. Verdict : “Accidental Death.”

At the Black Horse, Upper Studley, an inquest was held on the body of Ann Smith, aged 78, wife of Thomas Smith, pensioner, who had died under somewhat peculiar circumstances. The evidence was to the effect that the deceased was neglected by her husband, but the jury could not fix any charge upon him, and returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”

At Holt, the inquest was on the body of James Vickers, aged 76, who had been in the employ of Messrs Benson, fellmongers. The deceased was accustomed to travel with a wagon purchasing skins, and on Saturday came from Warminster with the wagon, and was very much exposed to the inclemency of the weather – so much so that when he came to Westbury he stopped at the shop of Mr Thomas Smith, butcher, where he took some money for skins, but, overcome with the cold, he fell from the wagon on to the back of his head, and sustained concussion of the brain. Verdict : “Accidental death.”


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