Todd, John

Todd, John       1886 September 4th        Westbury Leigh

Mr Coroner Sylvester held an inquest at the Phipp’s Arms, on Monday evening, on the body of John Todd, an iron worker, who had died suddenly on the morning of the previous day. A fortnight ago deceased sustained serious injuries to his right arm, in consequence of which he had since been unable to work. He had been attended by Mr Shorland (surgeon).

On Saturday he seemed in his usual health, and spent some time at a local public house. During supper, about ten in the evening, he was noticed, as his son expressed it, “to look rather silly,” and his wife, thinking he was choking, attended to him. He became unconscious, and Mr Shorland was sent for. He found that the deceased was not suffering from choking, but believed that a blood vessel on the brain had been burst. He saw at once that it was a hopeless case. Deceased died at six on Sunday morning.

The jury returned a verdict of death from apoplexy.


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