Snelgrove, Mary

Snelgrove, Mary       1886 September 4th             Heytesbury

Mr Coroner Sylvester held an inquest in this village on Friday last, on the body of Mary Snelgrove, the widow of the late Richard Snelgrove, who had for several years past resided at the lodge in Heytesbury Park, and who died suddenly on Wednesday night in last week. Mr George Robertson was elected foreman of the jury.

The evidence went to show that the deceased, after partaking of her dinner, consisting of vegetables and meat, went out gleaning in the harvest fields. She returned home about four o’clock in the afternoon and subsequently complained of giddiness. A little girl named Elizabeth Udal, who lived with the deceased, then went and fetched Mrs Thomas Ford (a neighbour) who deposed that she arrived at the house of the deceased about twenty minutes to five, and found her staggering against the wall. She assisted her to her bedroom, and remained with her some time.

Amelia Bartlett, the next witness, said she was called to see the deceased about ten o’clock Wednesday night. Deceased never spoke during the time witness remained with her. She expired about twenty minutes to twelve the same night.

Mr Joseph Hinton, surgeon, of Warminster, who was telegraphed for to see the deceased, said he arrived about seven o’clock on the Wednesday evening in question. He gave it as his opinion that the cause of death was apoplexy.

The jury, after consulting together, returned a verdict to this effect.

(FreeBMD gives age as 61 – Ed)


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