Rogers, Richard

Rogers, Richard        1886 July 1st         Bishopstoke

On Friday, Mr Henry White, County Coroner, held an inquest at the Royal Hants County Hospital, Winchester, touching the death of Richard Rogers, aged 52 years, who, on the previous day, died at that institution from the effects of injuries accidentally received while attempting to cross the railway line at Bishopstoke on the 21st inst.

James Roberts, a coalman, said he was at work at Bishopstoke Station at the time of the accident, at about half-past twelve on the 21st, inst., when he saw deceased attempt to cross some shunting roads below the station on the Portsmouth side. Witness heard some coaches shunt back, but did not see them. Then he heard cries, and on looking round saw deceased with his arm between the buffers. Witness went to his assistance, and called George Russell, and deceased was taken to Winchester Hospital within a few minutes. Deceased, who was a blacksmith’s labourer, and lived at Stoke Common, had a prong in his hand at the time.

Mr Ewart, house surgeon at the Hospital, said that when deceased was admitted to the institution he was suffering from a compound fracture of the forearm. He said that at the time of the accident he was crossing the line to his garden, with a hoe or rake under his left arm, a pipe in his left hand, and lucifer matches in his right, preparing to light his pipe. In this way he entered between the carriages, and he also acknowledged that the accident was his own fault. He died from the result of the injuries received.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.” Rogers was buried in the parish churchyard here on Sunday.


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