Minchington, Charles

Minchington, Charles         1886 April 8th              Romsey

An inquest was held on Saturday by Mr Bernard Harfield, deputy-coroner, on the body of Charles Minchington, aged six years, who was drowned on Thursday afternoon.

George Minchington, a mill-wright, living in Bell-street, having identified the body,

Ann May, a widow, living in Middlebridge-street, stated that on Thursday afternoon about six o’clock, she was looking out of window and saw deceased pulling the grass on a piece of waste land between the wall of the Broadlands estate and a stream running down one side of Middle-street. The grass gave way and he fell backwards into the stream. She ran down stairs and called her son-in-law, and he and his wife went out directly. The stream there was about two feet deep and the current was very strong.

Charles Gordon, the son-in-law, said that on the last witness giving the alarm he ran to the top of Middlebridge, but could see nothing for a moment, and then he saw a child washed under the grating of the stream coming down Middlebridge-street into the river. He ran round to the Park gate and tried to make his way into the river, but others who were with him prevented him as they said the child was dead. The stream carried the body about 300 or 400 yards down the river, where he reached it with a clothes prop. It had been in the water a quarter of an hour, and life was quite extinct.

The jury returned a verdict of accidentally drowned.


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