King, John

King, John             1886 September 25th             Bishopstrow

Mr F T Sylvester, the county coroner, held an inquest in this village on Tuesday, on the body of John King, formerly bailiff on the Temple estate.

From the evidence it appears that the deceased, whose age was 74, had for some time past lived retired; he, however, occasionally did odd jobs in his own garden and that of his son, Mr William King. A few mornings ago he drove into Warminster and Heytesbury, and on the previous (Monday) afternoon was engaged in digging potatoes in his son’s garden – about an hour and a half. He subsequently went home and partook of tea, and complained to his wife of a pain in his chest. He fell back in a chair and his wife administered brandy to him. He expired almost immediately.

Mr Wilcox, medical practitioner, of Warminster, said he had no doubt that deceased died from spasms of the heart, or angina pectoris, which undoubtedly were accelerated by the exertions that deceased underwent in the garden in the afternoon.

A verdict to this effect was returned.


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