Hinton, John

Hinton, John      1886 January 16th         Sutton Veny

Sudden Death of the Postmaster

The coroner for this district, Mr F T Sylvester, held an inquest at the Bell inn, in this village, on Friday afternoon, relative to the death of John Hinton, baker and postmaster of the village, aged 69, who fell down in a fit on the previous Wednesday, and afterwards succumbed.

The first witness called was Emma Perkins, step-daughter of the deceased, whose evidence went to show that the health of the deceased had not been good for some time since, he having been suffering from weakness of breath and a bad cough; he, however, had not been recently attended by a medical man. On the previous Saturday he fell down in a fit at the back of his house, but eventually regained consciousness, Mr Davis, surgeon, of Heytesbury, being then called in. On the following Tuesday he appeared to be much better, and was able to walk about the village. On the next day (Wednesday) he was attending to his ordinary business in the bakehouse, and while leaning on a table, he suddenly fell down in a second fit, and expired almost immediately.

This statement was borne out by T J Hinton, nephew of the deceased, who happened to be present at the time of deceased’s death.

Mr Davis (surgeon) said he had examined the body of the deceased after death, and believed that the cause of death was the rupture of a blood vessel on the brain.

Verdict of the jury: “Sanguineous Apoplexy.”


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