Dowling, Mary

Dowling, Mary            1886 August 28th         West Tytherley

An inquest was held here on Thursday, by Mr B Harfield, deputy county coroner, on the body of Mary Ann Dowling, the wife of Richard Dowling, a labourer, and 49 years of age.

On the evening of August 16th, about a quarter to 8 o’clock, she was sitting in her cottage with her son, her husband having gone to bed. She said she would go into the parlour to get a piece of flannel, and her son left the house. Whilst outside he heard a rattle, but did not go in, thinking his mother had struck her foot against a bucket. When he went in he lit a match, and found his mother lying down in the wash-house. He called his father, who came downstairs, picked up his wife and found she was dead. She appeared to have slipped in coming down stairs, and fell on to the brick floor of the wash house, as a candle, which her son had left with her, was found in the wash house, under a stool, and opposite the stairs.

Mr James Clapperton, surgeon, of Broughton, who was called the same night, attended the following morning, and found a bruise on each knee and a very severe bruise on the top of the head. Mr Clapperton believed death arose from concussion of the brain.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence, and that death arose from an accident.


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