Baker, William

Baker, William     1886 March 6th         East Tytherley

An inquest was held at East Tytherley on Saturday on the body of William Baker, a laborer, aged 46 years, who was found drowned in the mill stream at Holbury the day previously.

Mrs Yates, of Lockerley, said she had known deceased for years. He lived at Stoney Bottom, West Tytherley. A week ago Tuesday she met him in the afternoon at Holbury-lane. When he got to the bridge in the main road he put both his hands on the bridge, and stopped two or three minutes looking into the river. He then came towards Lockerley Green, loitering and looking back, and when he got over the style he said, “It’s very cold,” and passed on. She remarked to a neighbour, “How distressed that poor man looks.” Deceased, who always appeared strange in his manner, was out of work, and had neither money, nor victuals.

Mr George Aylward, of Holbury Mill, said that on Friday, between twelve and one in the day, he walked down the hatch path by the side of the mill river, and saw a body about 40 yards above the mill at the bottom of the stream. He procured assistance and got it out, and carried it to the shed where the jury had viewed it. Last Wednesday or Thursday week he saw a hat in the mill pond, which was recovered, and he had since been told it belonged to deceased.

Dr Cusse, assistant to Dr Taylor of Romsey, said he made a superficial examination of the body, which he should think had been in the water quite a week. The body was fully dressed, with the exception of the hat. Death was due to drowning.

The jury returned a verdict of “Found drowned.”


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