Wiltshire, Edward snr

Wiltshire, Edward snr       1885 March 21st          Ringwood

An inquest was held on Tuesday before Mr Johns, coroner, at the White Hart hotel, on the body of Edward Wiltshire, landlord of the White Lion inn, who was found on Sunday morning hanging by the neck in a back wash-house attached to the said inn.

Edward Wiltshire, son of the deceased, said that he last saw his father alive at eleven o’clock on the morning of Sunday. He had been in a depressed state for the last month, on account of the death of his wife. He was 74 years of age. Witness had noticed nothing to lead him to suppose that deceased contemplated suicide. About a month ago he was severely burnt in the head and hands, and seemed to suffer considerable pain. Witness went into the back kitchen about half-past eleven to call deceased to dinner, when he found him hung up. He at once cut him down, but he did not seem to be alive.

Mr Henry Geary Dyer, surgeon, said that he attended the deceased about six weeks ago, when he burnt himself very badly. Witness attended his wife during her illness, and noticed that deceased seemed very depressed. On Sunday morning he was called to see the deceased, whom he found lying in a semi-recumbent position. His face was livid. Witness felt his heart and found no pulsation. Deceased could not have been dead more than 20 minutes. There was the mark of a cord and a knot on his neck. His death was caused by strangulation. His neck was not broken. From what witness observed of the deceased when attending his wife, he should say he was in a very melancholic state, and he was not surprised that he committed suicide.

The jury (of which Mr E Hunt was foreman) returned a verdict that “Deceased committed suicide by hanging himself whilst in an unsound state of mind.’

See also Edward Wiltshire, jnr.


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