Watts, Mabel

Watts, Mabel           1885 January 17th        Westbury

An inquest was held on Friday last, at the Angel Inn, Westbury, before Mr Sylvester (coroner), on the body of Mabel Watts, aged five, daughter of Mr William Watts, baker and grocer, who died under very painful circumstances on Wednesday,

From the evidence adduced, it appeared she had been suffering from an ulcerated throat for several days, but nothing serious was anticipated until Tuesday, when her throat became much worse. She was very restless during the night, and her parents the next morning sent for Mr Shorland (surgeon), who prescribed for her. She, however, continued to get gradually worse, and Mr Shorland and Mr C D Maile, who had also been called in, found that tracheotomy alone would prevent her from being suffocated and would probably preserve her life. To this operation her parents reluctantly consented. The child was put under the influence of chloroform, but before the operation was completed she expired to the great grief of her parents.

The jury returned a verdict of death from syncope, under the influence of chloroform whilst undergoing the operation. They expressed their belief that every precaution was taken by the medical men. Much sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs Watts in their sad bereavement.


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