Walters, George ; Coombs, William

Walters, George ; Coombs, William      1885 May 16th         Frome

On Saturday two inquests were held.

The first was at the Dolphin Inn, Spring Gardens, on the body of George Walters, aged 54, who met with his death on the previous Tuesday evening, the result of a cart accident at Millgrove-hill. He is supposed to have slipped off the shafts close to the hind horse’s heels, the wagon passing over him. Verdict : “Accidentally killed.”

The second inquiry was held at the workhouse, on the body of William Coombs, 43, labourer, who died on the previous Tuesday. The evidence revealed a deplorable amount of dissipation and heartlessness on the part of his wife. Deceased was taken ill on Thursday week, and on Saturday entreated to be sent to the workhouse. He was taken thither on Sunday, but his wife never went near him till after his death on Tuesday afternoon, although she said she had not lived unhappily with her husband. Owing to rumors of cruelty on the part of the wife, the Coroner ordered a post mortem examination, and this revealed inflammation of the lungs and heart disease. A verdict in accordance with this evidence was returned, and the Coroner commented severely on the heartlessness of deceased’s wife.


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