Pearce, Herbert

Pearce, Herbert        1885 January 17th        Trowbridge

On Friday an inquest was held at the Stallard’s inn, before Mr F T Sylvester, coroner, and a jury, on the body of (Herbert Pearce, aged 3, the infant son of) Herbert Pearce, engineman at Messrs H Adens and Woodfin’s foundry.

From the evidence it appeared that on the 17th of December the deceased was in the room where his sister, aged 13, was washing the tea things, and in turning suddenly round with a basin of boiling water the child ran against her, and part of the water was spilt over the child’s head and face. The mother dressed the injuries with oil and wool without calling in surgical aid, and the child gradually sank.

A week ago a medical man, Dr N V Wise, was called, but the child died on Thursday. The Coroner impressed on persons the importance of seeking timely medical aid under such circumstances. There was no blame in this case. The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”

The editor seemed to have missed out one or two vital details at the start of this report – ED.

Accident on the Great Western Railway

On Saturday evening a porter named Henry Chipper, engaged in shunting trucks on the 7.40 train, got in the way of the engine as it was going to the turntable, and was knocked down, sustaining severe injuries to his head and arm. He was carried home, and is under the care of Mr K Sylvester.

I include this latter as indicative of the importance placed on such numerous accidents on the railways – it is afforded a minor paragraph.



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