Payne, Charles

Payne, Charles        1885 October 24th           Quidhampton

On Saturday an inquest was held at the dwelling house of Mr James Payne, of Quidhampton, on the body of Charles Stephen Payne, his son, who had been found dead in his bed on the previous morning. Mr Samuel Farley, of Quidhampton, was chosen foreman of the jury.

Virtue Payne, mother of the deceased, gave evidence to the effect that on Thursday evening the lad complained of a bad head, and sickness. He was consequently put to bed, and at two o’clock on Friday morning she discovered that he was dead.

Mr C R Straton, surgeon, of Wilton, gave evidence to the effect that he had attended the deceased professionally for some time. From the evidence given by Mrs Payne, he should say that the deceased had probably some organic disease of the brain which might have been the cause of death. He could not be certain on that point, however, as he had not examined deceased.


The jury returned a verdict to the effect that “death resulted from natural causes.”


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