Nuth, Benjamin

Nuth, Benjamin        1885 March 28th         Everleigh

On Saturday an inquest was held at Everleigh, Wilts, on the body of Mr Benjamin Nuth, farmer, of that village, who met with his death whilst returning from Devizes market on Thursday evening.

At about half past five a shepherd occupying a roadside cottage about six miles from Devizes saw Mr Nuth drive past his cottage, and on coming out a minute or two afterwards he found Mr Nuth lying in the road insensible, the horse going steadily on in the middle of the road. The unfortunate gentleman, who appeared to have had a fit, only breathed once or twice.

Dr Lawrence, of Upavon, happened to pass almost immediately, and on examining the body found that life was extinct. The body was then taken on to Everleigh. Some 13 years ago Mr Nuth was thrown from his trap at exactly the same spot. The deceased gentleman was steward for Sir John Astley, besides occupying Everleigh farm, and was highly esteemed by all his neighbours and those with whom he came into contact. He leaves a widow and three children.

I think we may assume “Natural Causes’ – ED.


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