Gurr, Phoebe

Gurr, Phoebe        1885 June 13th         Swindon

An inquest was held on Monday morning at the Park Hotel, New Swindon, on the body of Phoebe Isabella Gurr, 42, of 5, William-street, New Swindon, who committed suicide on Friday.

Dr Swinhoe stated that on Friday he was called in to see the deceased and found her lying on her face in the kitchen in a pool of blood. She was quite dead, and on examination he found a wound on the left side of the throat, through which the main arteries had been severed. He had lately been attending her for a violent and constant pain in the head, and she had suffered very much from low spirits.

Isaac Gurr, carpenter, husband of the deceased, said when he left home to go to his work on the morning in question, the deceased appeared to be in somewhat better spirits than usual. She had been suffering for the last eight months from lowness of spirits. She had never threatened to commit suicide, appearing to be most harmless.

PC Corbett stated that he went to the house and found the razor produced underneath deceased.

The jury returned a verdict of temporary insanity.


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