Ford, infant

Ford, infant       1885 September 19th               Stockton

Mr Coroner Sylvester held an inquest at the “Carrier’s Arms,” Stockton, near Wylye, on Friday last, on the body of an infant female child, aged two days, the daughter of John Ford, a groom, in the employ of Mr R Melsome, of Stockton.

Mary Cummins deposed that she attended the mother of the deceased at her confinement on the previous Tuesday. The child was in a very weak condition and unable to take any food. Mr Isaac Flower, surgeon, of Codford, was sent for on Thursday morning, but, unfortunately, the child succumbed before his arrival.

Hannah Compton, who was the next witness called, bore out the evidence of the previous witness, and expressed the opinion that the child had been properly looked after.

Mr Flower, surgeon, of Codford, said he was sent for to see the child on Thursday, but the deceased died before he arrived. Having remarked that the mother of the child appeared to be in a weak state of health, he attributed the cause of the death of the child to her not having received sufficient internal nourishment before birth.

The jury returned a verdict of “Died from congenital debility.”


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