Brown, Henry

Brown, Henry     1885 April 4th       Trowbridge

On Friday an inquest was held at the Trowbridge Cottage Hospital, on the body of Henry George Brown, aged 26, a carter in the employ of the Midland Railway Company, who fell from a trolley, drawn by two horses, on the night of the 3rd March, in Town Mill lane, Trowbridge.

The road was rutty, the shaft horse took fright, they both bolted, and in turning a corner the deceased fell between the front of the trolley and the horses hoofs, and received some severe scalp wounds. He went to the hospital, remained there under the care of Dr Wise, and died on Thursday night at 11.30.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death,” but added a rider recommending the Midland Railway Company to drive their horses in double shafts in future, which would add to the safety of the public as well as their own drivers, the jury considering that the present practise of the company was decidedly unsafe.

The W Gerard, the local agent to the company, in reply to the Coroner, promised to convey the same to the company. The deceased was a very steady man and a native of Worcestershire.


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