Bendle, Albert

Bendle, Albert     1885 March 7th            Frome

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr W Meller, coroner, held an inquest at the Railway hotel, Frome, on the body of Albert Henry Bendle, aged 36, who committed suicide by taking a draught of carbolic acid on Sunday night last.

The Coroner said that this was one of the saddest cases he had ever investigated. From the evidence it appeared that the deceased had lived unhappily with his wife, and they had separated. For the last months he had been in low spirits. On Monday morning he was found dead in bed, with an empty carbolic acid bottle, an open razor, and five pistol bullets by his side.

The evidence of Mr J P Parsons, surgeon, was to the effect that death was caused by the carbolic acid, and that deceased was of unsound mind at the time. A verdict to that effect was returned. In the course of the inquiry, it transpired that when the eldest son of deceased found his father was dead he rifled his pockets of 17s, which a neighbour compelled him to replace. Mr Amos watched the proceedings on behalf of the family of the deceased.


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