Baulch, Lilian

Baulch, Lilian        1885 April 18th

On Saturday afternoon an inquest was held at the “Wyndham Arms,” London-road, by Mr G Smith (City Coroner), on the body of Lilian Francis Baulch, infant daughter of James Frederick and Alice Jane Baulch, of 3, Paragon-place, Park-street.

It appeared from the evidence, that on Friday afternoon the grandmother of the child, which was only ten months old, noticed that it was unwell, and at once called Mrs Baulch, who at the time was upstairs. On coming down the mother noticed that the child was “blue in the face,” and she immediately got a hot bath, into which her husband, without staying to take the child’s clothes off, immersed it. Mrs Baulch then hurried for a doctor, but before she returned the child had died.

Dr Gordon, who subsequently saw the child, attributed death to spasm of the larynx, which was, he said, not an uncommon cause of death among infants.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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