Ball, Joseph ; Butler, Kituria ; Bigwood, Matthew

Ball, Joseph ; Butler, Kituria ; Bigwood, Matthew

1885 January 3rd              Westbury

The coroner for this district (Mr F T Sylvester) held three inquests on Wednesday.

The first was held at the Ludlow Arms, on the body of Joseph Ball, the landlord of that inn, who fell down in his yard on the previous evening. The evidence went to show that the deceased was 72 years of age, and for the last two years he had not enjoyed good health. He, however, had not had recent medical attendance. The first thing on the day in question he appeared to be in good spirits, and at about ten o’clock he went into the yard. Shortly afterwards his wife found him lying on his back on the ground. She obtained assistance and he was taken into the house and placed on the sofa. He breathed twice and then expired. Mr E P Shorland was of opinion that deceased succumbed from apoplexy, and from the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.

The second inquest was held at the Oak Inn, and related to the death of Kituria Chian Butler, widow of the late James Butler, of Brook farm, who died from injuries sustained by a fall on 13th December. Deceased was in her 87th year and latterly had been very weak. On the 13th December, in the temporary absence of the servant at Ferne Villa, the residence of the deceased’s son-in-law, Mr Samuel Tree Stafford, where she had been residing for the last 13 years, she fell from her bed. Assistance was at once rendered. The deceased was placed on a bed, when Mr Shorland was called in, and found that she had fractured the neck bone of her thigh. She succumbed from the injuries received. A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned by the jury.

The third inquest was on the body of Matthew Bigwood, aged 80, who had died that morning without having had medical attendance. From the evidence adduced, it appeared that the deceased had been receiving parish relief to the extent of 4s and two loaves a week. Of late he had been in a very weak state. He got up on the previous day and complaining of feeling much worse, his wife assisted him to bed, and stayed up with him the whole night. At about 4 o’clock in the morning he expired. She called no doctor, because she had been told by a medical man in the town some time previous that no medicine would do the deceased any good. Mr Shorland said he had examined the body that day and found it very well nourished. The Coroner remarked that he thought the case should have been reported to the relieving officer who would have had deceased removed to the workhouse. The jury returned a verdict of death from “Natural causes.”


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