Yoe, Clara

Yoe, Clara        1884 January 5th            Swindon

On Saturday morning Mr Coroner Baker held an inquiry at the Clifton hotel into the cause of the death of Clara Yoe, aged 21, single woman, living with her parents at No 10, Kingshill-terrace, Swindon.

The evidence went to show that on Christmas day the deceased went to a Salvation Army tea meeting, in Old Swindon, returning at 8pm. She stayed up till midnight, when she was taken ill, and retired to bed.

Mrs Yoe, the mother, stated she was ignorant of her daughter’s condition, but about three months ago she taxed the deceased with being in the family way, when she denied it, and took an oath on her words. On the Wednesday morning the mother went to see her, when the deceased said she was a great deal better, but she did not get up during the day. During Wednesday she was sick. In the evening the mother sat up with her, and her suspicions were not aroused until the deceased searched about for something in the room, and on being questioned, she said she wished to get up. Her clothes were then examined, and a neighbour, a midwife and a doctor were sent for. From this time until death the deceased was unconscious.

Mrs Bessant (the midwife) stated that she was called at ten minutes to one o’clock on Thursday morning, and she knew the deceased’s condition, as she had had occasion to judge. The deceased had previously had an illegitimate child, when she attended her. In the present case the witness found the deceased naked, and the mother said she had torn all her clothes off. On her arrival the woman was in a dying state; she was likewise insensible and cold sweat was on her face. When the women – Mrs Yoe and a neighbour – went for the doctor, the witness could plainly see that the woman was dying, and she expired about ten minutes before her mother’s return – at five minutes to three o’clock.

Mr Dawson, surgeon, stated he saw the deceased at nine o’clock on Thursday morning. She was dead, and had evidently died in labour undelivered, and from appearances she had been in labour a long time. He afterwards made a post mortem examination, and found the child was crossed, with its shoulder down. The cause of death was exhaustion produced by long and protracted delivery.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.


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