Unknown, infant

Unknown Infant        1884 January 12th           Market Lavington

On Sunday morning some excitement was created in the quiet little village of Market Lavington, near Devizes, by the rumour that the body of a child had been found in the churchyard, under circumstances that seemed to leave no doubt that a crime had been committed. The body was found by a person passing through the churchyard, and on examination the child bore the appearance of having been strangled. It at first was stated to be a well-nourished child of about five or six weeks. The police are making inquiries.

An inquest was held on Monday at the Green Dragon inn, before the Coroner (Mr Sylvester), on the body. It appeared that a labourer named John Boulter was passing through the churchyard, when he saw a bundle in a watercourse, and on going to examine it, he found it was the body of an infant, wrapped in a petticoat, and tied with an apron. He gave information to the police.

Dr H Lush, surgeon, deposed to being called to examine the body. He found it that of a well-nourished infant. He described the marks on the body, and he was of opinion that death had been caused by violence, as the marks had evidently been caused during life. He would not assert that the child had had a separate existence.

After the Coroner had carefully summed up, the jury returned a verdict of “Found dead.”


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