Snook, Edwin

Snook, Edwin         1884 February 2nd            Dinton

An inquest was held at Devizes on Monday by Mr Wilson, on the body of Edwin Snook, aged 13 years (son of James Snook, of this place), a ganger on the London and South Western Railway, who was accidentally killed by a tree falling on him on Saturday last.

From the evidence of Mr Thomas King, farmer, of Dinton, it appeared that on Saturday afternoon, about four o’clock, he went out to see what damage had been done by the gale, and as he was going round the buildings he saw the deceased lying close to the barn. He was on his face some little way from a poplar tree which had fallen; he was quite dead and did not appear to have moved. One of the branches of the tree must have struck the boy.

Mr Clay, surgeon, of Fovant, who examined the body, stated that he found the skull fractured and the mark of a blow on the temple, which was sufficient to cause immediate death.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”


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