Roles, infant

Roles, infant   1884 April 19th

An inquest was held at the Council Chamber on Wednesday morning, by Mr G Smith (city coroner) and a jury, of whom Mr J Miall was foreman, touching the death of the infant child of William and Fanny Roles, of Green-Croft-street.

From the evidence it appeared that on the previous afternoon Mrs Roles took the child, which was only 23 days old, up to bed. At that time the child, according to Emily Smith, who was washing at the house, was in good health. Mrs Roles remained upstairs some time, when her eldest daughter went up to arouse her. The girl returned stating that she could not wake her mother. A few minutes afterwards, however, Mrs Roles came down. About half-an-hour later she went upstairs again, and immediately returned with the baby, exclaiming, “Oh, what’s the matter with my baby, it’s dead.” The infant was then dead.

Mrs Smith at once went for the father, and he on arriving went for the doctor. The eldest daughter of the parents saw the child in the interval between the mother taking it to bed and it being found dead, and it was then perfectly well. When Mrs Roles went to the child the second time, she saw blood in the child’s mouth and on the pillow.

Mr F P Darke, who was called in to see the child afterwards, now stated that in his opinion the child had died in a fit, but not having seen the child alive he could not certify that as the cause of death. It had always been an irritable, though healthy, child.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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